As our noodles are fresh and 100% natural, avoid separating them until they are fully thawed to avoid breaking the strands. 


** If frozen, allow noodles to thaw overnight in the fridge or for two hours at room temperature. 

  1. Remove chilled noodles from the vacuum-sealed bag. For best results, air them at room temperature for 20 minutes (or until softened), then carefully separate the strands.
  2. Place noodles into boiling water and give it a gentle stir to prevent any clumping. Cook until al dente. 
    • Wonton Noodles - 15 seconds
    • Mee Kia - 30-40 seconds
    • Mee Pok - 40-50 seconds
    • Ramen - 40-60 seconds
  3. Drain and do a quick rinse under running tap water to stop noodles from cooking further. Toss with a savoury sauce or in a rich broth, add your condiments and sides. Serve immediately for the best taste.

OPTIONAL: If you’re not consuming the noodles immediately, or like your noodles hot, place them back into boiling water for an additional 5 seconds before serving. 

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